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Indigenous communities

Tetra Tech Coffey is committed to working with indigenous peoples as clients, business partners, and strategic interest groups affected by development projects.

Transparency, honesty, trust, and respect are core values for Tetra Tech Coffey, and we place a high value on indigenous peoples’ inclusion in our projects, including the incorporation of traditional knowledge and expertise. We seek to deliver meaningful cultural recognition, employment, education, and training opportunities for indigenous peoples.

Our scientists, engineers, and technical specialists work with indigenous peoples in all our business sectors, including environment and natural resources, cultural heritage resources, water and wastewater, solid waste management, infrastructure and transportation, remediation, arctic engineering, conventional and renewable energy, oil and gas, and mining. Through our projects, we respect indigenous peoples’ land tenure and property rights, engagement with government institutions and receipt of services, and capacity building for indigenous groups.

Tetra Tech Coffey works to maximise indigenous peoples’ meaningful employment and business opportunities on our projects as subcontractors and in field, professional, and management positions. We use indigenous suppliers and services in the execution of our contracts and use community facilities whenever possible (e.g., laboratory space). Our teams acknowledge community concerns throughout all phases of our projects, and we train our employees and work with our contractors to ensure they are sensitive to cultural protocols and respect cultural and spiritual values and practices.

Reconciliation at Tetra Tech Coffey

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are powerful drivers of business performance. We aim to undertake a practical role in reconciliation. As such, we welcome our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as an opportunity to review and reflect on where we can work together with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples to support and stimulate authentic and increased Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander participation in our industry, our organisation, and our

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