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Tetra Tech Coffey supports sustainability programs that minimise our collective impacts on the environment.

We lead and support programs that minimise our collective impacts on the environment through the solutions we provide for our clients; our procurement and subcontracting practices; the processes we use within the Company to promote sustainable practices, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impacts; and through employee-supported activities such as volunteer work and fundraising campaigns.

Our vision of the future is to incorporate the concepts of sustainability more fully into our daily operations, and to follow the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development’s goal to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Tetra Tech Coffey is in a unique position to further this vision and has the ability to provide innovative solutions to meet pressing global challenges. On a daily basis and on a global scale, our work plays a direct role in helping achieve the balance that will allow future generations to access the necessary resources to meet all of their needs.

The focus of Tetra Tech Coffey’s Sustainability Program is to maintain the growth of the business, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide an exceptional work environment for its associates, all while providing better solutions for its clients.

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Learn more about our 1 Billion People Challenge in our annual Sustainability Report.

Tetra Tech’s Sustainability Report Card

Tetra Tech’s sustainability metrics are used to report, evaluate, and track our performance. By evaluating our contributions to sustainability, we have the opportunity to improve management, make our operations more efficient, and provide better long-term solutions for our clients—solutions that address critical global issues, environmental challenges, and the values important to our stakeholders.

Tetra Tech’s commitment to sustainability for the next decade is to be Climate Positive & Carbon Negative, achieving a net reduction in GHGs as measured in tons of CO2e through our projects, procurement, processes, and people. Learn more about Tetra Tech’s sustainability commitment.

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