Safety Month: Be COVID-19 Safe

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Join Tetra Tech Coffey in ensuring we all can continue to be resilient against the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing responsive Work Health & Safety (WH&S) practices and resources.

The pandemic will have long-lasting impacts around the world, which means we all must actively mitigate these impacts on our physical and mental health. This means consistently implementing our WH&S procedures to keep our employees, clients, and partners Safe Every Day in the field, in the office, and at home. Let’s review the WH&S actions we hope to continue even after we transition to a post-pandemic world.

Practice good hygiene

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learnt good hygiene is not simply having clean hands. Good hygiene extends to our overall environment, including the air we breathe. Social distancing helped us become aware of how easily germs spread through the air and their impact on those around us. We can protect ourselves and others by:

  • Washing our hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer to minimize transferring germs to other surfaces
  • Covering our coughs or sneezes to ensure our respiratory droplets do not occupy another person’s air space
  • Frequently disinfecting all high-touch surfaces in the field, in the office, and in our homes and cars
  • Staying home when we don’t feel well


Maintain your physical and mental health

Unlike any other emergency event in recent history, the pandemic required many adjustments to our daily lives. These extreme life changes have impacted us physically, mentally, and possibly financially. Overall health has become a primary focus for people around the world.

Get vaccinated

Each of us should get vaccinated when available in your area to help us all smoothly transition to a post-pandemic world. For those who are returning to the office, project site, or traveling for work, getting vaccinated will help ensure you stay healthy and keep your colleagues and loved ones safe from exposure. We can encourage others by sharing these key facts from the Australian Department of Health on the benefits of getting vaccinated.

  • Vaccines can help prevent you from getting COVID-19
  • Vaccines help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19
  • Vaccinating yourself may also protect those around you from contracting COVID-19
  • Vaccines are an important tool in stopping the pandemic

You should consult with your personal healthcare provider to understand if vaccines are appropriate for your health conditions before participating in any vaccination program. Information on the available COVID-19 vaccinations and your eligibility can be found at the following links:

Australia:  Department of Health

New Zealand: COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) | Ministry of Health NZ.

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