Accepting the Decommissioning Mission

Accepting the Decommissioning Mission

Tetra Tech Coffey aims to support a world-class decommissioning industry that services clients locally and internationally, helping to set best practice, improving technical understanding for our clients, and delivering Leading with Science®  approaches to decommissioning. Our people strive to help our clients envision a climate-positive built environment that is easy to understand, practical to adopt, and cost-effective to implement around the globe.

Decommissioning challenges and opportunities

Tetra Tech Coffey is a leading provider of decommissioning services for the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors, with a focus on safety, sustainability, and collaboration.

Decommissioning involves high risk activities, on aging infrastructure, with complex execution both offshore and onshore. Whilst safety performance is generally strong there are some unique safety challenges. Tetra Tech Coffey are delivering a range of services for a safer, more collaborative, and sustainable decommissioning industry.

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Edward Rowley | Maritime and Offshore Environments Lead

Leading with Science® to meet future increases in demand associated with Decommissioning

In June 2024 Tetra Tech Coffey were sponsors at D&A AUS 2024 – Australia’s leading decommissioning and abandonment conference. The conference was held in partnership with the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) an independent initiative that works with industry, government and the community to create a collaborative and sustainable approach to decommissioning Australia’s aging oil and gas infrastructure.

Leveraging our decades long experience in delivering WHS, HazMat, and Occupational Hygiene in offshore and onshore environments, Tetra Tech presented on the critical consideration of Hazardous Materials Assessment, Risk Management and Opportunities for Collaboration with Future Decommissioning.

Edward Rowley is Tetra Tech Coffey’s Maritime and Offshore Environments Lead is working with clients across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region providing strategies which minimising risk in the decommissioning of major hazard facilities.

Tetra Tech Insights: click here to hear more from Edward.

“CODA’s research shows that there is more than US$40 billion of decommissioning work necessary over the coming 50 years in Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry alone.” Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA).

Tetra Tech Coffey Decommissioning Services

Our experience spans hazardous materials, waste management and removal, recycling and re-use, subsea, topside, marine, and maritime programs. We offer services across all phases of the project lifecycle, from project management, planning and inspection, design and engineering, to regulatory compliance and approvals.

Decommissioning Services –  Click to download (PDF)

Tetra Tech Coffey’s innovation and technology uses artificial intelligence and FusionMapTM a leading-edge technology for AI-powered geospatial data visualisation, asset extraction, and management with seamless GIS integration.

This proprietary software allows live mapping and 3D modelling of structures, to support decommissioning design, and can help reduce costs, risks, and environmental impacts of decommissioning projects.

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