Environmental planning and management

Environmental and social impact assessment

Tetra Tech Coffey provides timely and transparent environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA), as well as approval documents that address the complexities of laws and guidelines.

Our focus is to scope and manage technical studies to fully understand environmental and social risks, then establish practical solutions to minimise impacts on the natural environment and society.

We incorporate information from baseline assessments and use a robust methodology to assess potential impacts to the environment and the community, proposing suitable mitigation and management measures to address potential impacts and integrating them into the construction and operational phases.

Clients achieve faster, more positive government decision-making, greater stakeholder confidence, and community reassurance.

Our services include:

  • ESIA documentation and other environmental approvals
  • Engagement with regulatory bodies and key stakeholders
  • Environmentally sound site and route selection, project design optimisation, land use planning, and environmental management systems
  • Environmental and social baseline studies per ESIA requirements
  • Environmental and social performance management plans and whole-of-life project compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Social performance management, specialising in stakeholder perception analysis and engagement plans, social baseline studies, social impact assessment
  • Auditing, reviewing, and due diligence for both project proponents and third parties
  • GIS data management, modelling, and mapping
  • Life-of-asset planning, closure, and rehabilitation

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