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Environmental management

Tetra Tech Coffey’s environmental management specialists provide clients with tailored environmental and social solutions across the project life cycle.

Every project is unique, and it is critical to quickly identify risks and opportunities. At Tetra Tech Coffey, we provide clients the effective environmental and social performance management services they need to manage today’s challenges, plan for future impacts, and improve investment performance.

We focus on identifying the key issues influencing project approval and government, non-government, and community information needs. We also support our clients in developing lasting relationships with their stakeholders, facilitating trust, and effective engagement.

Our environments team partner with clients in managing the technical and non-technical risks associated with project approvals, construction and operations, compliance and performance management, corporate social responsibility, and asset closure and rehabilitation.

Our services include:

  • Environmental and social impact assessment, permitting, and approvals
  • Site and route selection, project design optimisation, and land use planning
  • Environmental baseline assessments and monitoring
  • Social baseline assessments and monitoring
  • Environmental performance management
  • Social performance management and stakeholder engagement
  • Life of asset planning, closure, and rehabilitation
  • GIS data management, modelling, mapping, and graphics
  • Auditing, technical review, and due diligence

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