FMG Project Cass Gray undertaking a vegetation survey

Environmental planning

Tetra Tech Coffey’s environmental planning team offers diverse technical and specialist services through project design, planning, and implementation.

Successful sustainable development hinges on thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the planning process, statutory obligations, and predicted changes to policy. Our team of professional environmental consultants have worked across all sectors, from small scale housing developments to significant infrastructure projects.

We pride ourselves on our technical skills and collaborative mindset. The versatility of our experts lets us bring local knowledge to delivering successful projects, in addition to resourcing significant schemes in-house on short notice with appropriately qualified and experienced people.

Resource management

Tetra Tech Coffey’s experience, from mining-related environmental approvals to mine closure planning, enhances the sustainable development of mining operations by adding value to a project’s environmental, technical, social, political, and economic integrity. Our services include:

  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Site assessment and remediation
  • Environmental monitoring and performance management
  • Community management and stakeholder engagement
  • Occupational hygiene monitoring
  • Waste and tailings management/auditing
  • Progressive rehabilitation planning, implementation, and supervision
  • Pre-decommission environment and social reviews/audits
  • Mine closure implementation plans
  • Monitor and remediate post-closure environment standards
  • Post-closure audit and reporting
  • Mining backfilling systems and mining dewatering systems

Heritage experts from our partner company, Eco Logical Australia, A Tetra Tech Company, bring significant experience in historical and Indigenous archaeological assessment and monitoring at both State and Commonwealth levels. Learn more about our heritage capability


Eco Logical Australia, A Tetra Tech Company employs one of Australia’s largest teams of ecologists to specialise in monitoring and assessment in broad landscapes ranging from highly impacted urban areas to remote wilderness. Learn more about our services in aquatic ecology and restoration ecology.

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