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Tetra Tech Coffey are specialists in finding solutions to toxic problems and developing proportionate mitigation with the most suitable technologies.

Our specialists on emerging contaminants will identify per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment and develop proportionate mitigation to reduce future risk and liability.

Tetra Tech Coffey’s comprehensive expertise on contaminant migration mechanisms, regulatory frameworks, risk assessment, and suitable technologies will add value to any risk mitigation plans.

We work with Defence on issues of contamination management, linking operational procedures with the sensitivities of the community.

Tetra Tech Coffey continue to support ongoing research into the development of several innovative approaches, including enhanced biodegradation for destruction and removal of PFAS from contaminated concrete to support recycling.

Our services include: 

  • Scope and delivery of detailed PFAS site investigations
  • Contaminated land assessments
  • Site assessments and environmental monitoring
  • Legacy contamination assessments
  • Risk assessment, mitigation, and risk management strategies
  • Accredited auditing of contaminated sites
  • Contaminant transport assessments
  • Human health, ecology, and toxicology risk assessments
  • Groundwater assessments for emerging contaminants
  • Strategic investigations and remediation of groundwater and subsurface PFAS contamination

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