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Deep foundations

Tetra Tech Coffey’s geotechnical specialists apply the latest tools and methodologies to ensure the integrity of building foundation works and take structures to new levels.

We bring more than 60 years of geotechnical engineering and deep foundation experience to solve problems and help our clients to deliver their projects successfully. We use our expertise to determine how geology influences current and historical subsurface soils and ground condition engineering properties in our work.

Tetra Tech Coffey develops robust and cost-effective foundations for all structures, and our recognised expertise in high-rise structures have contributed to some of the world’s tallest building and complex projects. Our three-level approach to foundation design and our collaboration with structural engineers ensures foundations are compatible and all relevant loadings are accounted for.

Our design approach

Our approach to foundation design involves preliminary assessment of foundation requirements, detailed design, and optimisation of foundation systems. The design process considers all forms of loadings that could arise from ground movement during construction, including possibly damaging, repeated loadings from winds or earthquakes. A combination of our in-house software and state-of-the-art commercial software is used to analyse and design both piled and piled-raft systems.

Our deep foundation expertise includes:

  • Ground investigation and interpretation
  • Foundation design
  • Construction supervision

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