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Earthquake engineering

Tetra Tech Coffey’s large team of seismic and geotechnical specialists provides affordable, constructible solutions for buildings in earthquake-prone areas or for earthquake-damaged structures to be rebuilt.

Our teams have detailed knowledge of local geology and its influence on ground conditions and the engineering properties of subsurface soils. Working closely with structural engineers, we ensure foundations are compatible with the structure and all relevant foundation loadings are accounted for.

Our experienced teams understand the potential impact of earthquakes on surrounding geotechnical structures, including:

  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Slopes
  • Embankments
  • Liquefiable ground

Earthquake rebuilds

Tetra Tech Coffey can quickly mobilise to deliver timely solutions. When more stringent regulatory conditions are introduced after an earthquake, we use a risk-based approach to develop solutions tailored to site conditions.

The assessment of deep foundations after an earthquake is particularly problematic and expensive. We have developed a non-intrusive and cost-effective method for assessing the condition of deep foundations. Our services check the structural integrity of piled foundations so structural engineers can assess if the entire building is safe above and below ground, meets code requirements, and can safely withstand an earthquake.

Tetra Tech Coffey were extensively involved in the recovery following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. We used our geotechnical and engineering expertise to help the community of the Canterbury region in their recovery.

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