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Slope engineering

Tetra Tech Coffey’s slope engineers can develop practical and cost-effective solutions for any ground conditions.

Slope stabilising is critical, whether it’s new, existing, natural, or constructed. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in investigation, hazard and risk assessment, stability analyses, development of risk management strategies and remedial works designs for slopes and landslides.

We can respond rapidly to emergency call outs. Our team will interface with third parties including regulators and emergency services and identify the critical factors and procedures needed. Our specialists are highly experienced and include engineers with Levels 1 and 2 rope access approvals from the International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

Zoning studies

We specialise in landslide susceptibility zoning for new and existing developments in locations ranging from urban centres to very remote parts of the globe.

Slope risk assessment and management

Our geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists are accredited by Australian road authorities to undertake slope risk assessments. We have worked with government agencies to develop and implement tailored risk analysis systems and procedures to address specific hazards, exposures, and environmental factors.

Analysis and modelling of slope stability

We have expertise in analysing and modelling a variety of failure mechanisms in slopes and rock masses. We carefully select the appropriate analytical tool based on site requirements and geotechnical conditions from a wide range of products including Geo-Slope™, Rocscience™, Itasca™ and Dassault Systemes™.

Design of landslide remediation and new works on sloping ground

Our team works closely with clients to design solutions and assess the specific risks, taking regulatory requirements into account. Our field-based geotechnical assessments focus on assessing the preparatory, trigger, propagation, and run out factors within landslide hazard areas.

Construction advice and supervision

We collaborate with contractors during the construction of our slope remediation designs to ensure that we are providing the right solution for the actual ground conditions on site. With an active site presence, we can take advantage of opportunities and manage the risks presented by variations in geology which could not be foreseen by investigation.

Instrumentation and monitoring

We implement a multi-level approach dependent on risk criteria. Our services range from site observation by experienced technical staff (in combination with regular survey and geotechnical instrumentation monitoring) to more complex real-time monitoring systems. We can also provide real-time/remote monitoring of slope movements. This can be critical in understanding the causes of slope instability or assuring safety during construction.

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