Underground spaces

Underground spaces

Tetra Tech Coffey develops comprehensive geotechnical, hydrogeological, and geological models to analyse and interpret geotechnical properties and ground conditions.

Specialising in underground spaces, we provide geotechnical advice on potential ground hazards and constraints that are vital to treat risk intelligently and to manage project costs.

Geotechnical models 

Accurate and reliable geotechnical data is essential to understanding the nature of the ground conditions and the risks to underground projects. As geotechnical specialists, we are ideally placed to prepare, review, and assess the impacts of geotechnical baseline reports on a project.

Hydrogeological models 

A hydrogeological assessment is an important part of the design of underground spaces and selection of tunnel routes, tunnelling methods, and techniques for controlling groundwater. By using hydrogeological models with in-situ testing and geotechnical investigations, we assess groundwater inflow and groundwater control methods to help highlight potential risk areas. We have advanced in-house computing facilities with a wide range of software to assess and analyse groundwater flow problems.

Geological models 

Observation of the ground, surfaces, and structures is vital. It allows the validation of the design and analysis assumptions, control of construction activities, and an effective means to optimising tunnel design. We have experience in designing, specifying, and installing cost-effective instrumentation and monitoring systems, as well as the collation and interpretation of field data.


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