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COVID-19 response services

Tetra Tech Coffey is supporting organisations and clients to respond to COVID-19.

Our clients have access to our combined technical experience, including qualified occupational hygienists with the skills and experience to assist organisations to prepare for and manage COVID-19 challenges in their operations.


Tetra Tech Coffey offers the following COVID-19 response services:

COVID-19 Disinfection Verification Assessments

Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 cleaning and disinfection processes undertaken in response to COVID-19 exposure incidents. This process includes:

  • Evaluation of cleaning and disinfection procedures in relation to industry accepted technical framework
  • Quantitative ATP testing of representative high-touch surfaces to verify the efficacy of disinfection works
  • Provision of SAME DAY Verification Certificates to facilitate rapid re-occupation of sites

Preparation of COVID-19 Management Systems

Review, and/or provision of tailored COVID-19 management systems, including:

  • COVID-19 Risk Management Plans
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Methodologies and Standard Operating Procedures
  • COVID-19 Emergency Response Procedures

Expert Advice for all COVID-19 and Biological Hazard Matters

Provision of expert advice for all queries or concerns regarding exposure to SARS-CoC-2, biological hazards, or any wider occupational hygiene concerns.

For further information and advice please contact our WHS and Hazardous Materials Practice Leader Aaron Holmes +61 427 922 681 or

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