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Jessie Sixsmith

Jessie Sixsmith recently returned to Tetra Tech Coffey as an Associate Environmental Scientist in the Site Assessment and Remediation (SAR) Team in Chatswood. Her hiatus from Tetra Tech Coffey enabled her to experience work from another perspective in the Contaminated Land industry.

“I joined Tetra Tech Coffey in 2016 as an Environmental Scientist and for 5 years worked on a variety of interesting and challenging projects in the SAR team. Wind the clock on three years, and I feel most fortunate to be back to take the next step in my career path and to be working with such a diverse team of industry specialists”, says Jessie.

Experiencing a different perspective

In 2021 Jessie decided to leave Tetra Tech Coffey to pursue an opportunity at another consultancy in Sydney and gain new perspectives on the industry she loved.

“I moved to a smaller consultancy, with a different portfolio of clients and projects. I felt at this time of my career I needed to gain a different perspective, which has really helped shape my understanding of the industry and the support we can provide to our clients,” Jessie says. It was during her time away from Tetra Tech Coffey, that Jessie and her Partner, Tom welcomed their baby girl Adele.

Jessie explains that ultimately, for her career aspirations, work preferences, and personal circumstances, Tetra Tech Coffey is her best fit.

Reconnecting with Tetra Tech Coffey

In 2024, Jessie took an opportunity to re-join Tetra Tech Coffey as an Associate Environmental Scientist within the same Site Assessment and Remediation (SAR) team she had worked with prior.

“Returning to Tetra Tech Coffey really felt like the right step for my professional career,” she says. “Tetra Tech Coffey has a well-established reputation and are highly regarded in the consulting industry across Australia and New Zealand, and now with the global reach that is Tetra Tech, we have the ability to tap into a network of consultants from other countries to provide valuable insights and perspectives.”

Jessie also notes that working with a network of high-calibre clients at Tetra Tech gives her the opportunity to work on large, complex projects, gaining valuable experience and exposure to a variety of industries.

“The collaboration between our Geotechnical and Occupational WHS teams within Tetra Tech Coffey is another positive as it gives me exposure to different functional areas, which only broadens my knowledge base,” says Jessie. “I also knew most of my colleagues and knew there was a strong team culture that has been well established through Matt Locke’s leadership of the team over many years.”

“I was drawn to return to Tetra Tech Coffey as I knew I’d be able to jump straight back in and continue my career. It is the perfect next step in my career.”

Embracing flexibility in the workplace

“I work four days a week at the moment which gives me the work / life balance I need in my career right now. I knew Tetra Tech provide this flexibility,” she says. “My partner and I are from New Zealand, so we don’t have grandparents here to support us with our daughter. The ability to incorporate flexibility and WFH makes a significant difference to our day to day lives, especially with balancing a young family”.

Striving to reach her professional development goals

Professionally, Jessie’s next step in her SAR journey is to achieve the Certified Environmental Practitioner Certificate (CEnvP) – Site Contamination Specialist Certification.

“This will be a challenge, but it is something I have always been focused on achieving, “Jessie says.

“Tetra Tech Coffey has given me the opportunity to further explore my career and as you would expect from industry leaders, I find myself in the supportive and inspired space I need to continue my professional endeavours”.

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