We use scientific evidence together with specialist advice to find the right solutions to keep people safe on sites and to keep projects moving forward.  Here, Ash Boss Senior Occupational Hygienist talks to us about the scientific approach to supporting our clients with the solutions they need.

What should people look for in an Occupational Hygiene consultant?

There is a lot of science behind testing.

Here at Tetra Tech Coffey, we are NATA accredited to IEC/ISO17020 for conducting hazardous materials surveys and preparing hazardous management plans.

We hold three accreditations for asbestos work in Australia which include:

  • surveying and management plans
  • air monitoring volume measurement, fibre counting and bulk sample analysis
  • clearance inspections

My advice for any organisation is always make sure that you are partnering with consultants who use NATA Accredited laboratories for testing, and also have the right certifications in place. This ensures you are getting support at the highest level of assurance possible.

What trends are impacting the industry right now?

We provide a number of contamination investigations and post-remediation verification assessments services, particularly to support post natural disasters.

In the summer of 2021/2022 parts of Australia experienced some of the highest levels of rainfall recorded. This, coupled with repeat flooding activity, saw mould became a significant problem along with sewage/blackwater contamination.

This came off the back of the extreme fire conditions we had in 2020. We have a lot of clients in the insurance industry who are supporting those that are rebuilding and issues such as lead, and asbestos are prevalent in areas that have been impacted by these natural disasters.

Silica is also a significant hazard of concern. Due to uncontrolled processing of engineered stone products, such as kitchen bench tops, there has been a reoccurrence of silicosis, a totally preventable disease in Australia. Exposure to silica is common in construction and demolition and often goes uncontrolled due to a lack of awareness of both the risk of silica, but also the methods to control exposure.


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