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TasNetwork’s Project Marinus – Environment Services

Tetra Tech Coffey is bringing a multi-disciplinary team of experts to help our client transform their transmission network.

Marinus Link will triple the capacity of power transfer between Victoria and Tasmania through installation of two 750 MW subsea cables, 90 kilometres of underground cables in Victoria, and upgrades to the Tasmanian transmission network. By increasing energy exchange between Victoria and Tasmania the project will unlock renewable energy generation opportunities and cost-effective energy storage, and support affordable, reliable and clean energy in Victoria, Tasmania and the broader National Electricity Market.

Tetra Tech Coffey’s specialists will support Marinus Link project with environmental, land use planning and heritage services for the design and approvals phase of the Marinus Link and North West Transmission Developments project. This includes detailed technical studies and preparation of environmental impact statements to secure the primary approvals needed to progress the project to construction.

The team is a multi-unit collaboration between Tetra Tech, Tetra Tech Coffey, Eco Logical Australia, and Tetra Tech International Development, and the Project Marinus and TasNetworks teams.

For further information on Marinus visit www.marinuslink.com.au

Services Provided

Client name: Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd (TasNetworks)
Location: Victoria, Tasmania, and Bass Strait
Duration: 2018 – 2023
Services provided: Environmental, land use planning and heritage services

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