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Basslink Project

Tetra Tech Coffey is the lead environmental consultant for preparing and submitting the Integrated Impact Assessment Statement for Basslink and is providing periodic review of its Environmental Management System (EMS) and Operations Environmental Management Plan (OEMP).

Basslink Pty Ltd (formerly known as the National Grid Australia) proposed to develop the Basslink Interconnector Infrastructure Project (Basslink Project). The Basslink Project is the world’s second longest undersea electricity cable and has required assessment under a combination of Commonwealth, Victorian and Tasmanian government legislations.

This package of works includes the design and construction of a 400 kV HVDC electricity network between Victoria and Tasmania, Australia.

Tetra Tech Coffey was engaged by Basslink Pty Ltd to prepare the Integrated Impact Assessment Statement that facilitated the required environmental and planning approvals for the project.

Tetra Tech Coffey will be providing:

  • Providing strategic advice on the environmental and planning approvals process.
  • Engaging technical specialists and coordinating terrestrial and marine baseline studies including terrestrial flora and fauna surveys, marine and seabed surveys, nearshore marine environment and sediment field studies, and air and noise measurements.
  • Assessing potential impacts and proposing mitigation and management measures.
  • Providing continual ad hoc advice to ensure ongoing compliance with environmental approvals and improved environmental performance.
  • Providing specialist advice on matters of national environmental significance (i.e., Commonwealth marine area, threatened ecological communities and species, and migratory species and Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area), biodiversity (and environmental offsets) and socioeconomic impacts.
  • Acting an expert witness at public inquiry into the Integrated Impact Assessment Statement.
  • Participating in community consultation and stakeholder engagement activities.

Basslink is operated in accordance with the Basslink EMS and the Basslink OEMP. Tetra Tech undertakes two-yearly reviews of the Basslink EMS and OEMP, including operations and maintenance.

This is achieved through:

  • Review of documentation maintained by Basslink Pty Ltd as part of its business management system.
  • Interviews with key persons responsible for implementation of the Basslink EMS and OEMP, including head office staff and site engineers.
  • Site inspection of Basslink, including converter stations, overhead transmission line easements, transition stations, underground cable easement and shore crossings in Victoria and Tasmania.
  • Preparation of a report detailing the findings of the review.

Client name: Basslink Pty Ltd (formally National Grid Australia)
Location: Victoria and Tasmania, Australia
Duration: 2000 ongoing current advice
Services provided: Integrated Impact Assessment, Environmental Management System, Operations Environmental Management Plan

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