Cockatoo Island 2

Cockatoo Island Cliffs

Providing a geotechnical risk assessment of the cliffs surrounding the Cockatoo Island plateau, part of essential works to manage risks

Tetra Tech Coffey’s team of experts were engaged by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust to assess the current stability of the cliffs and fitments including an assessment of the serviceability of any previously installed remedial measures. We identified areas requiring further remediation, including a risk assessment and prioritisation for each issue.

Stability issues were identified such as rockfall and shallow soil failures and we recommended remediation measures to minimise the risk posed. To minimise cost to the client we cut back on the time spent on site by efficiently gathering relevant geotechnical data in the form of mapping sketches and annotated photographs.

Using our experience in geological mapping and historic photographs taken on an earlier project on Cockatoo Island, risks were quickly identified and annotated on the photographs of the cliffs.

Previous mitigation measures, such as rock bolts, anchored mesh, de-vegetation and scaling recommendations were made by Tetra Tech Coffey in 2015 together with earlier geotechnical consultants remediation measures were also assessed for their condition.

Client name: Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Duration: July – August 2018
Services provided:  geotechnical cliff stability assessment, geological mapping

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