Macarthur Wind Farm

Macarthur Wind Farm

Leading the geotechnical and hydrological services for one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere

The 140-wind turbine generator Macarthur wind farm in south-west Victoria is one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere, serving a critical role in delivering clean energy in Victoria, Australia.

Our team developed a project specific construction and quality assurance methodology to overcome the challenges that the variable ground conditions and high crane loads presented during the construction phase. This methodology delivered efficient construction of the pavements that incorporated the contractors and crane operators’ tolerances.

Now fully operational, Macarthur Wind Farm can generate enough clean energy to power the equivalent of approximately 154,000 Australian homes.

Client name: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Location: Victoria, Australia
Duration: 2011- 2012
Services provided: Geotechnical and hydrological services

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