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Marandoo to Yandi Railway

Providing occupational hygiene services for the construction of the 100 kilometre railway line between Marandoo and Yandi in the Pilbara area of Western Australia

The area is well known for asbestos and contains high levels of naturally occurring Crocidolite (Blue), Tremolite, Actinolite, Anthophllite and Chrysotile asbestiform minerals.

The project involved conducting a thorough review and risk assessment for specific hazardous materials including airborne fibre and dust. On testing for and discovering asbestos in the tunnels and railway cuttings, our team of experts designed and instigated a work procedures plan  for drilling and crushing the ballast rock to remove the asbestos. Not only did this reduce the risk to workers, it ensured construction of the mine site could continue.

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Bespoke testing solution – overcoming distance and environment challenges

Four laboratories, each with a specialist and internally approved consultant were situated at key collection points across the mine site to monitor the presence of airborne fibre contamination.  A bespoke management plan was then prepared for all onsite operating procedures based on the laboratory results which were posted daily to keep all contractors informed. As part of the management plan, full onsite asbestos awareness training was conducted with all contractors over the 16-month project.

Client name: Rio Tinto Group
Location: Pilbara region, West Australia, Australia
Duration: 2016-2018
Services provided: Occupational hygiene services, testing and program management

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