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Rookwood Weir project

Delivering extensive geotechnical investigation services to help Sunwater deliver on this much needed resource capture

Located on the lower Fitzroy River, around 66 km south-west of Rockhampton, Rookwood Weir is a landmark project that will capture valuable water in the lower Fitzroy River for use across the Central Queensland region.

Construction of the weir will be managed by the Rookwood Weir Alliance, made up of the client Sunwater, GHD, as the design proponent, and a construction proponent of ACCIONA and McCosker. The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments.

Tetra Tech Coffey undertook a number of geotechnical investigations including:

  • A Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) investigation at the weir location,
  • A costean and test pit investigation at the weir location that included detailed rock mapping of the foundation,
  • A borehole drilling investigation with associated laboratory testing for aggregate sourcing from a quarry nearby for use in concrete, and
  • A test pit investigation for clay sourcing from a nearby site for use in the weir.

In particular, the costean and test pit investigation provided vital data for the detailed design of the weir structure.

Early works commenced in late 2020 with the major in-river construction commencing in April 2021.

Client name: Sunwater
Location: Central Queensland, Australia
Duration: July 2020- February 2021
Services provided: Geotechnical engineering

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