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Sweetacres Remediation Project 

Providing remediation, hygiene, and environmental management services to support a new 5000-square metre park in Rosebery, Sydney

The name Sweetacres was coined by employees to describe the industrial estate of James Stedman-Henderson Sweets Ltd, which opened on Rothschild Ave in Rosebery in 1918. The overall goal of the project was to ensure acceptable conditions for future use of the land as public open space, as well as minimise the quantity of surplus material requiring off-site disposal to landfill.

While the goal sounds simple enough – to make a parcel of land suitable for use as a community park, adjacent to an inner city high-rise residential development – historical construction fill was impacted by asbestos containing materials, meaning remediation was required.

The land was about 90 metres by 60 metres, and some of the fill was moved to one part of the site in a pile to expose enough natural sand area to allow excavation of a hole for the fill, but at the same time keeping excavated sand on a natural sand surface.

Tetra Tech Coffey remediation experts designed a three phase plan of excavation with validation of the outcome at the end of each phase. Our team needed to confirm that excavated natural sand remained clear of fill materials and that fill materials were placed at least 3 metres below the finished surface level.

Asbestos impacted material was kept damp to prevent dust generation by use of several large agricultural sprayers. Air quality monitors around the boundary of the site confirmed that no unaccepted levels of air-borne asbestos crossed the site boundary.

Together, the team at Tetra Tech Coffey along with its associates and contractors, rose to the challenge, achieving a sustainable outcome for remediation

Key project achievements 

  • Approximately 10,000 tonnes of fill material was diverted from landfill, and in the process, avoided 300 truck journeys from site to landfill and back.

Client name: Meriton
Location: Rosebery, NSW, Australia
Duration: February 2014 – 2019
Services provided: Remediation services (SAR)

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