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Tottenham Remediation Project

Tetra Tech Coffey was commissioned by WorkSafe Victoria to provide a range of services in support of the delineation, controlled demolition, and remediation of the Tottenham site.

Visually Sommerville Road, Tottenham was historically utilised as a hazardous materials waste storage facility until it was completely destroyed by fire. WorkSafe Victoria appointed specialised demolition contractors in delineation, remediation, and demolition to ensure its safe hazard removal and remediation.

Tetra Tech Coffey services delivered:

  • Development of site-specific Occupational Health and Hygiene Management Plan (OHHMP)
  • Development and Execution of Baseline Monitoring
  • Groundwater and Soil Investigations
  • Development and Execution of Environmental Management Plan
  • Hazardous Materials Identification
  • Occupational, Health and Hygiene Monitoring – Personal Exposure Monitoring and Static Monitoring Asbestos, Gases/Vapours/Odours, Atmospheric, Dust Particulate and Noise.

Occupational, Health and Hygiene

Identify contaminants of concern and develop a stringent monitoring program that was implemented to protect the health and safety of all personnel during project activities.  This included:

  • Setting out the framework for the identification and management of potential adverse environmental impacts and health and safety impacts and issues during project activities
  • Provided an early indication when the environmental control measures or practices failed to achieve acceptable standards
  • Defined roles and responsibilities for implementation of the OHHMP
  • Identified monitoring and reporting requirements to confirm compliance with the Environmental Management Plan
  • Provided a basis for developing and improving environmental health and safety management procedures
  • Ensured all relevant guidelines and legislation were identified and complied with at all times when conducting work activities on the site as they applied to environmental monitoring aspects of the project

Phase One

  • Demolition of fire affected structures and removal of asbestos materials from the structures and visually inspect waste removed from the site to assist in the removal of materials to be recycled including steel and concrete
  • Visual inspections and testing where required during the removal of fire damaged building to remove any risk from further collapse of buildings and structures, visual and air quality clearances of areas of slab prior to hand over for use to deal with Phases two and three
  • Daily Occupational Health and Safety reports which included all airborne contaminants/chemicals of concern, atmospheric conditions, and noise monitoring data. If any elevated readings came back from the testing appropriate reactions and solutions were put forward and were all approved by WorkSafe Victoria
  • A National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), Australia accredited site laboratory was constructed on-site and utilised by Tetra Tech Coffey to provide expediated airborne asbestos fibre air monitoring results daily.

Phase Two

Visually inspect Chemical Drums for sludge and asbestos debris prior to removal from the site to a centre dedicated to sorting and making safe the stored chemicals. Carrying out a detailed system for the cleaning and sorting of the drums and then issuing clearance letters for the drums prior to removal from site.

Phase Three

Monitoring of stockpiles of chemical sludge and waste into bins and visual inspections of metal prior to removal for recycling.

Client name: WorkSafe Victoria
Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Duration: 2021 – ongoing
Services provided: Site Delineation and Remediation, Daily OHS, Monitoring and Clearance

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