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Moorebank Intermodal Rail Link Stage 1

Helping future-proof Sydney’s key freight and rail infrastructure and expand the South Sydney Freight line

Our experts were engaged by CPB Contractors to provide geotechnical and environmental (contamination) intrusive investigation and design services for the construction of a 2.8km rail connection between the existing South Sydney Freight Line (SSFL) and the proposed Intermodal Terminal in Moorebank NSW.

We conducted extensive geotechnical and environmental desktop and intrusive investigations for the rail link design. Whilst not a large linear distance, it is technically complex from a geotechnical and environmental perspective due to the relatively large variability of subsurface conditions and existing land-uses within the rail link alignment. As part of our geotechnical service, we carried out a robust design of embankment to be built over landfill area.

Our environments team related responsibilities for the MIRL included managing the contamination associated with previous land uses including landfill operation and former defence activity.

Tetra Tech Coffey’s responsibilities for the MIRL project required a multi-disciplinary approach, often with various technical professionals from a number of offices within Australia collaborating to achieve a common goal. In many cases, the MIRL drew upon our ability to inter-relate the geotechnical and environmental practices, to provide value (and practicability) to our client, in that the particular design solution offered in many cases accomplished both geotechnical and environmental objectives.

The inland rail project would require a similar approach as well as a high level of technical experience. The similarities in the nature of the project (both being large rail infrastructure projects) allows Tetra Tech Coffey to utilise the experience gained the MIRL for the inland rail project.

Client name: CBB Contractors Pty Limited
Location: Moorebank Sydney, Australia
Duration: Stage 1: 2016 ongoing
Services provided: Geotechnical and Environmental investigation and design services.

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