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Wai Ariki Hot Spring and Spa

Tetra Tech Coffey provided detailed geotechnical consultancy to support the Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa project, preserving history for an exciting new cultural space.

Tetra Tech Coffey’s in-depth knowledge in geothermal soils as well as the settlement characteristics of the natural diatomaceous silts proved essential for this heavily and unevenly loaded lakeside structure. Our involvement began in 2017, taking over from the previous geotechnical engineer.

The 4450sq m development on the shores of Lake Rotorua will be a unique cultural wellness offering, unlike any other spa in the world. uniquely built on the legacy of Ngāti Whakaue culture, healing practices and manaakitanga – the centuries-old and internationally-renowned Ngāti Whakaue concept of welcoming manuhiri (visitors).

Wai Ariki combines the region’s healing geothermal waters with the centuries-old legacy of Ngāti Whakaue culture, healing practices and manaakitanga (caring hospitality) to offer a wellness and spa experience for manuhiri (visitors). Wai Ariki is Aotearoa New Zealand’s only spa and bathing facility developed and owned by mana whenua. It has been developed by Pukeroa Oruawhata Group (Ngāti Whakaue), with additional support from the Provincial Growth Fund.

Tetra Tech Coffey provided a practical solution that included a large two-tiered preload/surcharge fill accompanied by a settlement monitoring regime where we analysed using curve-fitting techniques.  In addition, the fill raft beneath the preload/surcharge comprised lightweight pumiceous sands and gravels and was reinforced with biaxial geogrids with the lower portion below the groundwater table.

The project involved intimate weekly coordination meetings, over an extended period, with the project manager, architect, Pukeroa, civil, geothermal well drillers, structural, and contractor to discuss progress and issues during its design and construction.

Tetra Tech’s involvement over many phases of the project, included:

  • Geotechnical investigations and consultancy
  • Consultancy with the project involved weekly coordination meetings, over an extended period.

In addition to the geothermal soils, the project was redesigned midway through the build. Tetra Tech through our specialist knowledge were able to guide the led the way with the foundation and structural load changes and their effects on the now constructed Wai Ariki Spa Building.

Client name: Pukeroa Lakefront Holdings Limited (Pukeroa)
Location: Rotorua, New Zeland
Duration: 2017 – 2023
Services provided: Geotechnical investigation and consultancy

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