Safety Month: Committed to Being Safe Every Day

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Join Tetra Tech’s Health & Safety team in recognizing Safety Month during June by reaffirming our commitment to being Safe Every Day.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has focused on health and safety more than ever before. Navigating this challenging time presented many learning opportunities in the field, in the office, and at home. We all quickly adjusted to increased health and safety practices, which we hope to continue even as we move beyond the pandemic. This may look different depending on where we live and work, but each of us can commit to being Safe Every Day for Safety Month and beyond. 

To encourage this, Tetra Tech’s 2021 Safety Month theme is highlighting how we encourage our employees to stay Safe Every Day. Throughout June, you will see resources, and information to help keep you present, focused, and safe every day on Tetra Tech Coffey’s website and social media platforms Linkedin and Twitter.

To offer some healthy (and safe) competition, we’re inviting all Tetra Tech staff to participate in the Safe Every Day Challenge. Throughout June, they can track and submit their health and safety actions either daily or weekly. We also encourage staff to share their pictures and videos showing how they are safe every day wherever they work or live. We will recap Safety Month with a photo and video montage to highlight Tetra Tech’s commitment to being safe every day.

Join us to renew your commitment to health and safety each day in June and beyond.

  • Week 1 – Common Injuries and Avoidance
  • Week 2 – Enhancing Our Safety Program with Technology
  • Week 3 – COVID-19 Safety Practices and Mental Health
  • Week 4 – Safe Every Day and Everywhere

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