Safety Month: Enhancing Our Safety Program with Technology

Jun 9 Tetra Tech Safety Technology IG

Tetra Tech uses Health & Safety (H&S) tools and technology to ensure our global staff are operating safely and efficiently.

The health and safety of employees is critical for our company’s success. Each year, Tetra Tech works on more than 65,000 projects globally, and each work environment requires technology and tools to support safe working conditions for our staff.

TOTAL Mobile App

Tetra Tech continuously enhances our H&S communication through a software application called TOTAL, which is used to document workplace injuries and incidents, and is partnered with our TOTAL Mobile app. The mobile app enables employees to be present and be focused on their environment by submitting workplace safety observations and near-miss events in real time using a mobile device.

“Our safety tools help our employees submit reports and photos of their workspace and receive quick feedback from our H&S team,” says Amber Bill, Tetra Tech’s corporate H&S manager.

TOTAL’s data is analyzed by the H&S team for trends, to support improvements to the working conditions of our employees. By providing a clear and quick line of communication from employees to our company’s leaders, we have the insights necessary to create positive change.

Compliance Training System (CTS)

No two projects or offices are alike. The diversity in our project and office workspaces continuously drives the need for convenient H&S tools. Due to our unique work environments, paired with the work-from-home adjustments in 2020, we had to rethink how we distribute essential H&S trainings.

Tetra Tech went live with a new Compliance Training System (CTS), enabling training to be delivered to employees wherever they may be.

Jim Streib, a director of Health, Safety, & Environment within Tetra Tech’s Global Development Services Division, shared, “Having a digital training platform means we can now provide more concise, consistent, and Tetra Tech focused training. I am thrilled to see CTS helping us place our compliance records in one location and establish automatic reminders for training that must be completed regularly.” This latest H&S technology has filled a gap that enables ease in training delivery and better communication regarding compliance needs to our employees.

International Safety and Security Tools

Tetra Tech continues to use technology to enhance our support for employees around the world, including those traveling and working in remote locations. Tetra Tech maintains an ongoing partnership with International SOS (ISOS), a health and security company offering support and assistance in 90 countries. Employees can download the ISOS mobile app or visit their website for resources and to sign up for alerts in their host country.

When commenting on our partnership with ISOS and their mobile app, Jim Streib said, “ISOS has been one of the best tools in the Tetra Tech safety and security arsenal. Their one-call approach for emergency medical or security events occurring overseas has streamlined the assistance we can provide to our staff.”

To further enhance our use of safety technology, Tetra Tech Global Development Services Division recently adopted the AdTrav RezDesk travel system, which creates a connection between CTS and required medical exams for international travel. AdTrav RezDesk helps Tetra Tech’s international development safety and security managers know if staff have completed both training and medical exams for international travel. AdTrav RezDesk helps Tetra Tech’s international development safety and security managers know if staff have completed both training and medical exams before they are allowed to book international flights. This additional tool has improved our compliance efforts with our International Services Duty of Care Standards.

Tetra Tech’s H&S leaders are using technology to provide valuable checks and balances that enhance worksite H&S communication, deliver convenient training and information, and prove to be essential in maintaining regulatory and company compliance across service areas. This technology helps our H&S team ensure our employees are well prepared and have peace of mind.

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