Groundwater Assessment: expert interview with Geotechnical Engineer Peter Sun

Peter Sun News story

At Tetra Tech Coffey, we work alongside clients to develop their strategies and take their plans forward. Occasionally this requires our specialist to ‘dig a little bit deeper’. Peter Sun, a specialist in Groundwater Assessment shares his recent experience working client side. 

Recently re-joining his Tetra Tech Coffey colleagues after a 16-month in-house secondment with the New South Wales Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) Peter’s expertise and knowledge of Groundwater Assessment helped our client tackle a challenging project.

After the severe drought in regional New South Wales, the DPIE turned to Tetra Tech Coffey to assist with the backlog of work in the assessment of groundwater trades.

As explained by Peter, “the drought saw such a dramatic increase in the demand for groundwater trades, either for new production bore approvals or for existing basic landholder rights conversions that my initial 3 month contract turned into 16 months”.

Based from the DPIE head offices in Paramatta Sydney, Peter, a Geotechnical engineer leveraged his groundwater experience as the scope of work involved reviewing geological logs and construction details of production bores, analysing hydrogeological parameters and assessing groundwater level drawdown and the impacts on the environment and third party groundwater users and then providing professional recommendations on the approval conditions.

The best part of the project Peter says, was the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between the client and consultants.  “We really worked as a team to accomplish our goal and along the way I met some great people who I now call friends”.

“I want to acknowledge Peter’s hard work and willingness over the last year and a half. Peter has contributed significantly to the backlog of work so much so that we are now down to a manageable workload. He has completed assessments across the whole state and his knowledge of the different geologies and rules has grown exponentially!”  Faye Williamson, DPIE Project Manager

Peter is just one of our many specialists around the world working collaboratively with our clients to solve their most complex challenges.

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