#WomeninScienceDay with Ash Boss-Handley – Senior Occupational Hygienist

Ash Boss

Ash Boss-Handley is an Associate Occupational Hygienist with Tetra Tech Coffey with more than seven years working in the industry helping clients navigate the risks in workplaces.  Here she talks to us about the Leading with Science® approach to addressing Occupational Hygiene risks.

As an Associate Occupational Hygienist, I work with scientists and engineers who help our clients navigate their way around the short-term and long-term impacts of health hazards, measuring workers’ exposure to different health hazards on sites and provide guidance to control these hazards to improve worker health. This can vary from things like dusts, gases, noise, or vibration.

Q: Why this particular area of science?

My undergraduate degree was in Environmental Forensics, but a graduate job opportunity came up in Occupational Hygiene and I found that I loved it. I enjoy how dynamic the work is, we often work in a variety of environments, and it is extremely rewarding knowing that we are helping to protect people’s health.

Q: What’s your career highlight project?

Managing and working on large tunnelling projects like Sydney Metro and Western Sydney Airport comes with a range of experiences and it has been quite fulfilling. Being able to work with a broad scope of hazards and many different worker roles has kept us on our toes and has been very rewarding.

Q: What is your hope for women entering your field/where do you see the future of your field heading?

My hope is that we can raise the profile of our profession so that women and girls can see Occupational Hygiene as a viable and rewarding career. Industry demand for occupational hygienists is only growing, and boosting women’s participation in school and university aspiring to be an occupational hygienist is the goal.

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