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Property infrastructure asset lifecycle

Planning and Approvals 

Our engineering team will provide a multidiscipline approach to the conceptual design of your project. We will assess your existing site and provide cost effective concepts to help achieve your vision. We can work within the constraints of the existing site and structure, or assist in the demolition and redesign of a new project. 

  • Conceptual Design 
  • Structural Condition Surveys and Audits 
  • Capital Costs Estimates 
  • Material Take-off 


Tetra Tech Coffey  produces smart and efficient designs for the civil and structural aspects of your property infrastructure job. We deliver effective solutions by working closely with the geotechnical and environmental teams as well as clients and other stakeholders. Our teams use the latest technology to produce advanced analyses which help us to optimize the design and reduce costs. 

  • Detailed Design 
  • Construction Drawings 
  • Safety, Risk and Constructability Reviews/Workshops 
  • Demolition Design 
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 
  • Dynamic Design 
  • Thermal Analysis 
  • Technical Bid Evaluation 


Tetra Tech Coffey has a strong focus on construction support and temporary works. Our designs are focused on creating buildable solutions. We aim to be involved through the construction phase of all projects to assist in achieving a safe and compliant design.  

  • Construction Support/ On-site support 
  • Temporary works 
  • Structural Inspections 
  • Lifting Design 
  • As-built Drawings 
  • Scaffold Design 
  • Formwork Design 

Management and Maintenance Condition 

Assessment is a key requirement for the long-term serviceability of an asset. Our team is experienced in the assessment of steel, concrete and geotechnical structures. We also provide remedial specification and designs for the damaged components. 

  • Condition surveys and monitoring 
  • Asset integrity audits 
  • Remediation and renovation/expansion design 


Tetra Tech Coffey are well known for the demolition on complex structures having completed numerous jobs throughout Australia. We can help plan your disposal or renewal project. 

  • Demolition planning and design 
  • Structural investigation and assessment 
  • Condition surveys 

Asset Condition Assessments

The Tetra Tech Coffey Engineering team are experienced with asset condition assessments.

We provide Condition Assessments of existing assets to calculate residual design life and structural capacity. Our team is experienced in the assessment of buildings, promenades, wharves, bridges and jetties. We can inspect concrete, steel and timber and take samples for analysis to confirm material parameters.

We provide Condition Surveys to document the existing condition of structures prior to and after construction to minimise the risk of litigation. Our team inspects structures and takes photographs, measurements and in some cases point cloud surveys to accurately document condition.



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